Joyce Pillai’s farewell message to Word of Grace

Posted by on Oct 8, 2013 in Sunday Sermons

Joyce Pillai’s farewell message to Word of Grace

This is not a sermon but a great sharing by one of our core team members, Joyce. She is leaving for another city. She shares what church means to her and how our values have impacted her and changed the way she looks at church. There is a lot in what she says that deserves a good listen and thought. In many ways it’s a solid message in itself that we encourage you to listen  to it.

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  1. Joyce, there’s so much to learn from you. You’ve seen church life for so many years. God has been shaping you to make you into a stronger person & now you stand more stronger than before in God. You are just an example to so many people. Wise women of God, You have a great Heart of Worship along with a beautifully God given voice & i see you using it for God’s glory. You’ve been a wonderful counselor to me & so many. You’ve always been Available for God. God always sees your Availbility & not your capability. You have been a blessing to us & now to so many in a different city. God’s presence will go with you wherever you go. *(Exodus 34:10). I’m looking forward to see & hear of God’s wonder’s through you. You are a wonderful sister to me. Will miss the Prayer’s @ the hill, movies, delicious home cooked food & desserts(lamingtons):p, band practice with you. We love you! God bless you!

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