SOLID FOOD Summer Program – Growing in Christian Maturity – Instructions & Schedule

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SOLID FOOD Instructions Congratulations for signing up for SOLID FOOD. You can benefit tremendously from this Summer Program by following the steps below: (If you would like to register |Registration link)  Listen to the Message according to the Study Schedule listed below.  Make notes in our Study Worksheet (provided on the CD). download worksheet here  Interact with others in the group by posting your comments, insights, quotes, questions, etc on the Solid Food WhatsApp group or FaceBook Page. Apply what you have learned by the help of the Holy Spirit to your life. SOLID FOOD Study Schedule Sovereign Father Paul’s opening salvo is that God is large and in charge, working all circumstances out in accordance with his will. God’s sovereignty is the sun around which all truth orbits. It’s the centre of gravity that gives us balance. It is the huge view of God providing us with resources to change from the inside out.  Sun April 6 – Sat April 12 Sovereign Father – Sovereign over all Sun April 13 – Sat April 19 Sovereign Father – Sovereign over Salvation Sun April 20 – Sat April 26 Sovereign Father – Sovereignty and Church Vibe   Grace Giving Son Flowing directly from God’s Sovereignty is the doctrine of Grace, the second great doctrine of the Reformed tradition. Grace is what happens when you apply God’s Sovereignty to salvation. Understanding the gospel of grace is not only how we get saved, but also the ongoing power to live saved. When you ‘get grace’, you get sucked into a vortex of joy, peace, energy and power.  Sun April 27 – Sat May 3 Grace Giving Son – Grace and Law Sun May 4 – Sat May 10 Grace Giving Son – Grace, Hard Work and Holiness Sun May 11 – Sat May 17 Grace Giving Son – Grace and Church Vibe   Empowering Spirit Spirit power is God’s promise to you guarantying your salvation (Eph1:13) and giving you the goods to live big for God. Understanding God’s empowering Spirit will also show how a church can enjoy a strong sense of God’s presence and power (Eph 2:22). Just Word and you dry up. Just Spirit and you blow up. Word and Spirit you grow up. Sun May 18 – Sat May 24 Empowering Spirit – Community of the Spirit Sun May 25 – Sat May 31 Empowering Spirit – Individuals of the Spirit Sun June 1 – Sat June 7 Empowering Spirit – Gifts of the Spirit    Why do Bad Things Happen? Life can be tough and confusing – tsunami’s, earthquakes, dread disease, car crashes, bereavements, relational traumas, economic recession, and so it goes on. I’ve had a pretty wild last 9 months myself with an unexpected and unpleasant run in with cancer and chemotherapy. When life goes pear-shaped a couple of questions always spring to mind namely, ‘Why do...

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